Manifest is a time tracking and time management app that's written with freelancers and indie developers in mind. Lots of us need to juggle multiple projects at once, and Manifest helps you keep an eye on the big picture to make sure all of your projects get enough attention.


The Today tab lists all the projects you should work on today along with their daily goals. As you track time, Manifest shows your progress for each project and for your day overall. Once you’ve reached your goal for a project, it dims so you know to move on to other things.


Pro users can take advantage of Smart Goals, which make the Today tab even more powerful. Smart Goals automatically adjust when you’re ahead or behind schedule, so you’ll know if you have extra time to devote to other projects.


Sometimes it’s easier to grasp information visually, so Manifest includes charts tracking your logged time across the current week or month. They’re a great way to see patterns in your data. There’s also a total time chart that shows a month-by-month indicator of your total time, as well as a projection for the current month.


Manifest provides a Timesheet view to display your tracked time in calendar format. Tap on any day to see a detailed list of the time you tracked on that date, as well as any notes you entered for each project. It’s a great way to review how you’ve spent your time over the past month.


Manifest can archive your inactive projects to keep things tidy. Archived projects don’t show up on the Today tab, but any time you’ve recorded will still be displayed on your timesheet.


Manifest contains an all new look that puts more information at your fingertips while keeping the interface clean and manageable. Customize your projects with an accent color so can identify them at a glance.