Frequently Asked Questions


What are Smart Goals?
Smart Goals is a Pro feature that adjusts your daily goal when you're ahead or behind schedule. Suppose you have a project with a goal of 10 hours per week. One week you have a super-productive Monday and spend 6 hours on the project. That means you only need to log 4 more hours to reach the 10-hour goal. With Smart Goals, Manifest automatically adjusts your goal on the remaining days to one hour per day. That way, you know you have some extra time to spend on other projects! Compare that to the behavior without Smart Goals, when you'd see a goal of 2 hours per day no matter how much time you log at the beginning of the week.

Can I export my data?
Absolutely! Tap the Settings button in the upper-left corner, then tap Export Data. By default, Manifest exports all of your time across all projects. Pro users can customize start and end dates for the export as well as filter by project . Tap the Export button and you'll be prompted to pick where you want the CSV file to go. That's it!


Manifest Pro

I bought Manifest Pro version before version 2.0. Do I still get all the Pro features?
Yes! If you're getting a prompt to buy a subscription, simply tap the Restore Preview Purchase button at the bottom and you should be all set. If you're still running into trouble, please email and we'll get it figured out.

Why does Manifest Pro use subscription pricing?
There are two main reasons. First, subscriptions create sustainable revenue that allow me to spend more time working on Manifest. I love working on Manifest, but I also have to pay the bills around here. Relying on a constant stream of new users probably isn't going to cut it, and means I always have to be concentrating on growth. I'd much rather focus my energy on improving Manifest for a smaller pool of returning users who love the app.

Second, subscriptions make it easier to try out the Pro features to see if they fit your needs. Try a monthly subscription, and if you discover that Pro isn't your thing, you can always cancel. On the other hand, if you enjoy Manifest Pro as much as I do, the annual subscription is a great deal for the whole year.

I'm unhappy with my upgrade. Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow app developers to offer refunds. However, you can contact Apple directly and request a refund through them.


Toggl Integration

How does Toggl integration work?
Manifest Pro users can send data to Toggl using the data export feature. The first thing you’ll need to do is log in with your Toggl credentials on the Settings screen. Once your Toggl account is set up, you can use Manifest’s export feature to send data to Toggl. Tap the export button in the bottom right corner of the timers screen. Select the dates and projects you’d like to include, and choose Toggl as your export destination.

Unfortunately, because of differences in how Manifest and Toggl record time, Manifest is unable to export manual time adjustments to Toggl. Manual adjustments are when you swipe on a project or use the "+" and "–" buttons to increase or decrease the total time recorded for the day. In order to preserve the actual start and stop times of your tracked, time, Manifest records these adjustments separately, which is something Toggl doesn't support. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Why is my Toggl export taking a long time?
Depending on the date range you select, Manifest may need to send lots of data to Toggl. Sometimes Manifest has to limit the speed of those requests so as not to overwhelm Toggl’s servers. To speed up exports, choose a shorter date range when possible.

How does Manifest match projects between the app and Toggl during export?
If a project in Manifest has the same name as a project in your Toggl account’s default workspace, Manifest will export time to that project. Otherwise, Manifest will create a new project in your default Toggl workspace.

Does Manifest pull data in from Toggl?
At this time, Toggl integration only exports data. This lets Manifest keep the freedom to add new features while still allowing you to share time with your team.

I’d like to export data to another service instead of Toggl. Will that be supported?
It’s possible! Please send an email to and mention which service you’re interested in.